Our Festival

Our festival

Fränder & Vänner International Folk Music Festival is an annual music festival in Uppsala that offers exciting and captivating folk music from near and far. The festival is organized by local musicians FRÄNDER, who invite their friends from different parts of the world to this festival.

Previous renditions of the festival has taken place in the heart of Uppsala City Garden, on two stages, where up to nine bands and artists has served the audience a musical journey filled with lively reels, lively polkas, soulful harmonies and poignant ballads.

Fränder & Vänner Folk Music Festival believes in music as part of a larger unifying force, and through music we want to convey warmth and community. The festival is an opportunity for people to come together and enjoy music, regardless of background or culture. We strive to create a festival experience where everyone feels welcome and part of the community.

The festival is an excellent opportunity to discover new musical universes, dance your heart out, and meet like-minded music enthusiasts.

Fränder & Vänner International Folk Music Festival is a colorful summer festival that offers an unforgettable experience for all visitors.